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HECO Model 16 Single Reduction Planet Bearing Life Calculator
  Input Values     Gearbox  Life Calculations   Compatible Sun Gear Considerations  
                Gearbox B10 Life (Hours Cont.)   Input Drive Torque Backdrive Torque Sun Gear Code Sun Gear Input  
Input or Output Torque?       Gearbox Average Life (Hours Cont.)   16B 7/8" 13T Spline  
    Torque (Inch-Pounds)*       Gearbox Drive Torque    16C 1" 15T Spline  
Input or Output Speed?       Gearbox Backdrive Torque   16D 1" St. Keyed  
    Speed (RPM)*       Recommended Lubrication   16E Char-Lynn 2000 Bearingless  
Motor Type?       External Cooling Required?   16F Char-Lynn 4000 Bearingless  
Lubrication Type                 16H 1 1/4" St. Keyed  
    System Pressure (PSI)           16I 1 1/4" 14T Spline  
  *If speed/torque is not continuous over time, calulate Minors Average in table below     Required Motor Calculations - Non Gerotor   16M 1" SAE 6B Spline  
      Minimum Motor Displacement (CU IN)   16O 7/8" St. Keyed  
          GPM for Gear Box Output Speed   16P 1 1/8" St. Keyed  
       WARNINGS:       Hydraulic Horsepower   16S Danfoss OMSS Bearingless  
    *If warnings are present above, M16 Complete 3D.tif,M16 Complete 3D.tif,M16 Complete 3D.tif       Motor Backdrive Torque    
      consult HECO for assistance.           (Over-Running Load Condition)    
    Input Torque (In-Lbs)            
              Output Torque (in-lbs)    
    Input Speed (RPM)        
              Output Speed (RPM)    
  Minors Average Table        
    Output Torque (In-Lbs) Output Speed (RPM) % Time in Use                    
    Minors Average Torque            
    Calculated Output Speed