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The HecoGear Inc. planetary speed reducer may be lubricated using one of two methods:

1)  Self Contained Lubrication
If you are using self contained lubrication you need to install the proper amount of lubrication fluid into the speed reducer. The amount of fluid depends on the mounting orientation of the speed reducer.

Model 16 Oil Capacity
1/ 2 Full 20 oz. (6 dl)
Full 40 oz. (12 dl)

Recommended Lubricant
For maximum speed reducer life the recommended oil is SAE 85W-140 Multi-Grade gear oil, meeting API-GL5 and API-MT1 service.  
An alternate oil that will  provide adequate speed reducer life is SAE 90W gear oil, meeting API-GL5 and API-MT1 service. 
These lubricants should be readily available at your local automotive store or oil distributor.

Shaft horizontal
it is recommended that the speed reducer be filled to full.
Vertical Shaft Down with the shaft facing down fill the speed reducer to the level of the centerline of the upper gear set prior to installing the motor.
Vertical Shaft Up the speed reducer must be completely filled and provision for maintaining a fluid level at or above the top shaft bearing is required. This can be done using a "stand pipe" or small reservoir.

Case drains No case drain is required with self contained lubrication.

Periodic Maintenance - Reducers using self contained lubrication should have the fluid drained after the first 50 hours of operation and the reducer should be flushed with a flushing oil, drained and then replaced with the proper fluid. This should also be done every 1,000 hours thereafter.

2)  "Flow Through" Lubrication
In this method of lubrication, fluid from the hydraulic system is used to lubricate the speed reducer.   This is most commonly done using a "bearingless" hydraulic motor which has no shaft seal and the internal leakage of the motor flows into and lubricates the speed reducer. 
A petroleum based hydraulic fluid with EP1 additives and a minimum of .125% zinc anti-wear additives should be used to ensure good speed reducer life at rated torques and speeds. Bio-degradable fluids and water glycol fluids can be used below the maximum ratings of the speed reducer. (contact HecoGear for your specific application)

The speed reducer should be completely filled with hydraulic fluid before the hydraulic motor is installed.

Case drains
On units with flow through lubrication you do not need to case drain the unit unless the return line pressure from the hydraulic motor exceeds 50 PSI; as it does if the motor is in series or you are using a "meter out" flow control.

The most popular hydraulic motors connected to the Model 16 HecoGear speed reducer that provide a "Flow Through" lubrication are the Charlynn 2000, 4000, and the 6000 series  hydraulic motors. The correct location for the drain on these units is:
C/ L 2000 Bearingless -
Connect case drain to the hydraulic motor 
C/ L 4000 Bearingless -
Connect case drain to the hydraulic motor or to the speed reducer
C/ L 6000 Bearingless - Connect case drain to the hydraulic motor or to the speed reducer
If a case drain is required for your application care must be taken to ensure that the drain is taken from the proper location so that all internal components are thoroughly lubricated. The case drain should be taken from the high point of the motor/ reducer.

Maximum Oil Temperature
160 Continuous
180 Intermittent
Consult HecoGear, Inc. for higher temperatures

Periodic Maintenance -
Reducers using flow through lubrication require no periodic maintenance.

Lubrication Amount

Model   16 20 20D 50 50D 52D 52T
Horizontal Operation (1/2 full) oz 20 50 50 100 85 85 115
  dl 6 15 15 30 25 25 34
Total Capacity oz 40 105 105 200 170 170 230
  dl 12 31 31 60 50 50 68

Lubrication Type

Single Double  
0-25 0-40 #5 220 90
25-100   #3 100 80W
100-200 40-80 #1 46 75W 
200+ 80+ consult consult consult

When installed as a self contained unit, ensure adequate ventilation is provided to allow for lubrication expansion.

The oil should be cleaned after the first 50 hours and 100 hours of operation, and every 1000 hours thereafter. Oil should be drained while the unit is at operating temperature. The unit should be cleaned with flushing oil (use of solvents should be avoided). Note: The importance of a thorough gear case cleaning and proper changing of oil can not be over emphasized. If the maximum oil operating temperature is exceeded, change the oil immediately.|

System Lubricated
  Ensure that a minimum oil flow of 2 GPM is maintained, a separate case drain line should be connected directly from the top of the reducer (ensure the reducer remains full) to the reservoir. For maximum cooling and lubrication the case drain should be connected to the drain port at the opposite end of the reducer from the hydraulic motor. Reducer case pressure must not exceed 200 psi with the optionally available high pressure seal installed.  In this installation the piping should be routed back up to at least the centerline of the box before going to the reservoir to maintain the gear box half full of oil.

Extreme Pressure Lubricants
These lubricants are petroleum base liquids with chemical additives, such as, sulfur phosphorous or similar materials or soluble compounds which produce a protective film to with stand high gear loading.

Consult HECO, Inc for special oil requirements

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