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FAQ: ServiceFactors-Definition? Design Life/Service Factors

The torque rating and radial load capacity shown for all Heco gear boxes are for a service factor of 1.0. For all other service factors the gear box should be derated by the service factor from the table below.

1.0 - Mixers and Agitators with uniform density, Uniform Fed Conveyors (belt and auger)
1.2 - Heavy Duty Conveyors (belt and auger), Car Wash
1.4 - Booms, Cranes, Swing Drives, Heavy Mixers, Wheel Drives, Shakers
1.7 - Rolling Mills, Digging Augers, Wheel Drives

Heco Rated Torque ÷ Service Factor must be equal to or greater than Applications Torque
Heco Rated Radial load ÷ Service Factor must be equal to or greater than Applications Radial Load
Input Torque * Gear Ratio = Output Torque
Input Speed ÷ Gear Ration = Output Speed

High torque and low speed or low torque and high speed will give the maximum life, expect a reduction in gear box life for combined high torque and high speed applications.

The information on service factors is provided as a guide in preliminary selection of the gear box. The service factor is based upon the character of load, load application and load duration, and must be determined by an engineer familiar with the particular application. Peak loading may exceed the values shown if the nominal torque is well below the continuous torque rating, contact Heco Inc., for Miner’s Rule Calculation. Application analysis and customer testing is strongly recommended.

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