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FAQ: Lubrication-Instructions? Lubrication Oil Recommendation

For maximum speed reducer life the recommended oil is SAE 85W-140 Multi-grade gear oil meeting API-GL5 and API-MT1 service. Alternate oil that will provide adequate speed reducer life is SAE 90W gear oil meeting API-GL5 and API-MT1 service. These oils should be readily available at your local automotive store or lubricant dealer.

When using a Bearingless hydraulic motor or “Flow Through” lubrication where hydraulic oil from the hydraulic motor lubricates the speed reducer an ISO 68 hydraulic oil with EP1 additives and a minimum of 0.125% zinc anti-wear additive will provide adequate speed reducer life.

Maximum oil temperature should not exceed 160 0F (70 0C) for continuous operation or 180 0F (80 0C) for intermittent operation.

Consult Heco Gear for applications requiring use of non-petroleum based or fire retardant lubrication.

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