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FAQ: Product - Heco Model 16 Design Code Revision 7

Heco Model 16 Design Code Revision 7
Over the next several months Heco will be phasing in the new design code 7 on our Model 16 Series of reducers. This design change does not effect the fit or function of the reducer. We are changing the bearings in the planet carrier for longer planet bearing life. This, in turn, changes the planet gears, planet pins and planet carrier. These parts will not be individually interchangeable with the same parts from design code 6. A complete planet carrier assembly (part #15711) will be available and will fit design codes 6,5 and 4 reducers as a replacement part.

The design code 7 planet carriers are also used on the 25D and 50D reducers. The design code with the new planet carrier on the 25D will be code 2. The design code with the new planet carrier on the 50D will be design code 7.

The design code is found in the following position in the model code:

If you have questions about this change and any effect it will have on you or your applications please contact Darryl Fine (Ext.249) or Allen Rasmussen (Ext. 215). We will be happy to discuss this with you.

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