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1) Ask the customer for their Phone number, enter it in the form, and press enter.

2) Computer will use then phone number area code to  display the appropriate distributor information

Get a feel for whether they are an OEM? how many units?  is this a prototype? 

    > If it is parts or one-off reducers, then refer customer to distributor branch

    > If it is an OEM, fill in the form, and press enter.  
            (Be sure to enter something in the Project Description field to trigger emails being sent) 
        Verbally give the customer the Salesman Name and Phone number.

4) The computer will send an email summary of the information to Yourself, Allen, the Salesman, and the Customer, so all parties can follow-up and make contact.
        (provide customer the name and phone number of distributor salesman (customer -> distributor))
        (email Allen, email distributor salesman  (customer <- distributor))
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