Scam Alert

A hacker has stolen Heco credit information for the purpose of purchasing materials via stolen credit cards. Orders are placed and then payment is cancelled and the account is closed after the products have been shipped defrauding the selling companies.

These fraudulent activities have begun with requests for quotation via email mostly to electronic component venors soliciting components or specialized equipment.

The name used for the solicitations is Heco Gear Inc. However, the phone nuimber is NOT Heco Gears and will ring through as busy; probably a number not in use.

All communicaitons have been via a fake email;

This email address is NOT associated with Heco Gear in any way. Communications coming from us will be from emails with an email suffix

The most recent name the perpetrators have used is Stephen Work.

The most recent shipping addresses they have used are in Michigan but have also been in Texas and California.

The credit card used will typically not go through the first time and you will be advised to break the amount up into multiple amounts less than $2,000 each.

The charge will be accepted and then disputed after the merchandise is shipped. You will not recover your merchandise or money.