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Applications Overview
HECO Gear Reducers can be used in a multitude of applications wherever there is a requirement for high torque/low speed output, including augers, drills, conveyor systems, shredders, swing drives, wheel drives, etc...

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Gear Reducer?
The purpose of a HECO Gear Reducer is to increase the available torque output from a hydraulic motor while decreasing it's output speed.

Why Should I use a Gear Reducer?
Using a HECO Gear Reducer has many advantages. A HECO Gear Reducer can be coupled to a wide variety of hydraulic motors, therefore a customer's application is no longer limited by the availability of a particular brand of motor. Another advantage is that large, expensive hydraulic motors can be replaced with smaller, less expensive motors and a HECO Gear Reducer, resulting in a considerable cost savings and (in most cases) an increase in usable power. Also, replacement parts for HECO Gear Reducers are readily available and in most cases can be shipped the same day they are ordered.

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