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FAQ: Bearing Life
FAQ: Definition? Continuous Torque Rating (lb-in)
FAQ: ServiceFactors > Definition? Design Life/Service Factors
FAQ: Definition? Displacement/Effective Drive Displacement (gal/min)
FAQ: Definition? Horsepower Rating
FAQ: Definition? Intermittent Torque Rating (lb-in)
FAQ: Definition? Output Speed (rpm)
FAQ: Definition? Overrunning Loads
FAQ: Definition? Peak Torque Rating
FAQ: Quickship > Definition? Quickship Program?
FAQ: Definition? Radial Load / Shaft Load
FAQ: Definition? Speed Ratings
FAQ: Definition? Design Life Explanation
FAQ: electric drive
FAQ: Heco Web Site
FAQ: How do I? ... Contact Heco?
FAQ: How do I? ... Place an Order? Find a Distributor?
FAQ: How do I? ... Size a Reducer?
FAQ: How do I? ... find News
FAQ: How do I? ... find Price & Availability for reducers?
FAQ: How do I? ... find Shaft Options
FAQ: How do I? ... find information on sungears
FAQ: How do I? ... find more about Heco?
FAQ: How do I? ... I have a Serial Number - how do I find information on this unit?
FAQ: How do I? ... learn more about Applications?
FAQ: Assembly > Instructions - Assembly
FAQ: Disassembly > Instructions - Disassembly
FAQ: Instructions? Bolt Thread Torque Specifications
FAQ: Lubrication > Instructions? Lubrication Oil Recommendation
FAQ: Instructions? Venting
FAQ: Instructions? M16 Shaft-Up Lubrication Instructions
FAQ: Instructions? M16 Shaft Seal Replacement Instructions
FAQ: Instructions? M25 HD Lock Nut Installation Instructions
FAQ: Legal > Legal
FAQ: New 2" Output Shaft
FAQ: New Auger Output Shafts
FAQ: New Version Model 16
FAQ: New Version Model 25
FAQ: Nickel Plating
FAQ: OEM Design Assistance
FAQ: Pascal Competitors
FAQ: Product - Custom Configurations
FAQ: HighPressure > Product - High Pressure Seals
FAQ: Product - Heco Model 16 Design Code Revision 7
FAQ: Product - M16 Nickel Plated Flyer
FAQ: Product - Model 16 Universal Seal Carrier Flyer
FAQ: Product - Model 20 and Model 25 Shaft Seal History
FAQ: Product - Model 50 Revision Upgrade
FAQ: Product Configurator
FAQ: Replacement Planet Gears and Planet Bearings
FAQ: SAE-B motor mount now available for models 25 and 52D
FAQ: Satisfied Customer from 1979
FAQ: Speed Pickup
FAQ: ThrustLoad > Thrust Loads
FAQ: Warranty > Warranty Policy
FAQ: What Gear Box Oil Cleanliness is acceptable?

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