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Hecogear Application Worksheet

Customer Information

Prepared By: Email Address:
Company: Address:


Phone: Fax:

Equipment Duty Cycle

Description of Application
Torque % of Operation
Starting (maximum) Torque %
Running (average) Torque %
Stopping Torque
(swing drive) %
Output rpm: rpm
Ambient Temperature
Estimated Shaft Radial (side) Load:
Estimated Shaft Axial (thrust) Load:
Other Considerations:
(Shock Loads / Reversals / Braking)

Life Calculation

Hour Day Week Year
Note: a Cycle is defined as the starting, running, and stopping of an operation
Operation Time
Reducer Life Required


Hydraulic Motor Model:
SAE Mounting:
Displacement: in3/rev
Output Shaft:
Operating Pressure: psi
Maximum Pressure: psi
Hydraulic System Type: (Open/Closed Loop, etc)


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