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2010 December - SAE-B motor mount now available for models 25 and 52D
SAE-B motor mount now available for models 25 and 52D.

2010 November - Speed Pickup
The Speed Pickup option is now available for the Model 25.
2006 November - Product - Heco Model 16 Design Code Revision 7
Heco Model 16 Design Code Revision 7
Over the next several months Heco will be phasing in the new design code 7 on our Model 16 Series of reducers. This design change does not effect the fit or function of the reducer. We are changing the bearings in the planet carrier for longer planet bearing life. This, in turn, changes the planet gears, planet pins and planet carrier. These parts will not be individually interchangeable with the same parts from design code 6. A complete planet carrier assembly (part #15711) will be available and will fit design codes 6,5 and 4 reducers as a replacement part.

The design code 7 planet carriers are also used on the 25D and 50D reducers. The design code with the new planet carrier on the 25D will be code 2. The design code with the new planet carrier on the 50D will be design code 7.

The design code is found in the following position in the model code:

If you have questions about this change and any effect it will have on you or your applications please contact Darryl Fine (Ext.249) or Allen Rasmussen (Ext. 215). We will be happy to discuss this with you.

2005 August - Satisfied Customer from 1979
August 29 ,2005

Dear Sir
Back in 09/05/79 we purchased a Heco Model 50 A 4C 61B Gear reduction drive. This was used on a sawmill carriage drive and I am building a new one and would like to now what drive takes the place of the one above.
Thank You
Dale A. Jarvis: Owner
2005 June - Product - Model 50 Revision Upgrade
Heco is introducing an revision to our Model 50 series.
Changes include the Shaft Seal, Seal Carrier, and Compression Ring to the planet carrier.
2003 January - Replacement Planet Gears and Planet Bearings
Part numbers 15005D (Model 16 planetary gear) and 151130 (Model 16 planetary bearing) are no longer available. These parts have been replaced by part numbers 15006NR (New Model 16 planetary gear) and 151150 (New Model 16 planetary bearing). The "new" style gears and bearings have been used for the past six years in all revision 4 series Model 16, Model 16D, Model 20D, Model 50D and Model 52T reducers. The "new" gears and bearings will work in revision 3 reducers, but they must be purchased and installed in sets (one 15006NR and two 151150), since the old bearings are not compatible with the "new" gears and the "new" bearings are not compatible with the old gears. It is very difficult to discern between the old and "new" style visually because there is only a 1mm differentiation.
2001 August - Product Configurator
In the Product section of our web site, a Product Configurator walks you through the process of selecting options to build a speed reducer. Then you are provided with all the appropriate information, including Price, Installation Drawings, and List of Parts.
2001 July - Heco Web Site
Heco unveils it's new web site, including a Distributor Extranet.
2000 June - New Auger Output Shafts
Heco is pleased to announce the introduction of two new output shaft configurations for our Model 16 series of Reducers. The new shafts are used in standard auger configurations and make the HECO Model 16 a very desirable alternative for these types of applications.
Code 7 is a 2.545" Straight Keyed Shaft w/ Cross Drilled Hole, and the additional charge for this option is $88.
Code 8 is a 2.000" Hex w/ Cross Drilled Hole, and the additional charge for this option is $125.
1999 August - New 2" Output Shaft
Heco is pleased to announce the introduction of a new 2" straight keyed output shaft. This new shaft, designated Code 6, is a available on all Model 16 reducers, and can ship from Heco based upon our standard lead-time of 4-6 weeks. There will be no additional charge when choosing this shaft option.
Code 6 is a 2.000" Straight Keyed, and there is no additional charge for this option.

Old Part Number Old Quantity  New (replacement) Part Number New Quantity 
Parts Interchange between version 4 and version 5 Model 16 Planetary Carrier
15004C PLANET-CARRIER       1 156110 PLANET-CARRIER-V5    1
15008D PLANET-PIN 3 156120 PLANET-PIN-V5    3
Parts Interchange between version 4 and version 5 Model 16 Seal Carrier
15056C SEAL-CARRIER  1 156130 SEAL-CARRIER-V5      1
Standard Seal
153010 QUAD-RING  1 156100 SEAL-INNER-V5        1
151050 BACK-UP-RING         1 none  
* 156100 Inner Seal replaces both 153010 quad ring and 151050 back-up ring.
    15970 16-5 SEAL-KIT-BUNA  
Viton Seal Option
153015 QUAD-RING-VITON        156090 SEAL-INNER-V5-VIT     
    15972 16-5 SEAL-KIT-VITON  
High Pressure Seal Option
150592 SEAL-CARRIER-HP   none  
153030 SEAL-INNER-HP          none  
The High Pressure seal option has been discontinued. The current (version 5) seal accommodates higher pressures.